Practical Steps

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Practical Steps

November 6, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Hi, how are you all? I am once again privileged to communicate with each one of you. It’s my prayer that God will enable me to do this task that He has entrusted me with. And I hope that you will be blessed through this ministry.

Lately, things have been on the down-low for many people,it seems as though it’s a season when there is always something to worry us, something to discourage us, make us feel that life is too hard,as though we’ll not make it to the bright side on the other side of the proverbial tunnel.

It’s been especially hard for me in some areas,after trying so many options, I have only God to turn torely on,depend upon. It’s a good thing to have Someone so stable to rest in, but I wish I could remember to go to Him first without injuring my heartself in so many other ways. I wish we all could.

Recently, during one of my low moments, I cried out to God, my heavenly Father,begged Him to bail me outto save me!! “Cause I was feeling really helpless.

Sharing with you now, here is the result of that time of desperation. I pray that God’s strength will carry me through this season,you too. I have listed the practical steps that I was to do,I hope you can also take some practical steps in your life where the need be.


1. Encourage yourself in the Lord; not in anyone or anything, only God.

2. Let God be your security in all your waysin all His ways. He’s trustworthyfaithfulwill never leave you nor forsake you. And He loves you unconditionally, eternally.

3. Let God be your guide. Listen to Him from your heart; follow the leading of His inner voice inside you. Don’t look at your surroundings. And don’t consider what others will think. What matters most is your relationship with Godwith yourself.

4. You will hear a voice behind your ear saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” It’ll be very closepresent. You won’t need to look for it, it will find you.

5. Therefore do your best where you’re at because that’s where God wants you for now. Otherwise He’d already have orchestrated for you to be somewhere else!

6. Seek first the kingdom of Godall these things will be added unto you. Righteousness comes with a clean slate, no need for alibis,no anxieties,thus lots of confidence. Peace is the true consequence of a righteous life. It brings along with it contentment. And Joy in the Holy Ghost, experienced because of purity in one’s relationship with God. Joy is mostly expressed through happiness, but happiness without joy is truly empty.

a. These three are absolutely priceless. Seek after them, seek to do God’s willeverything else will fall into place in your life. Why? Because if you seek the Lord’s kingdom, then battles that come are no longer yours, they belong to the Lord,who shall ever defeat Him? No one! None ever!

b. So that way He shall make His blessings overtake you,you shall be a better person because your focus will be on the Lordon doing His will rather than on moneythings money can buy.


1. I believe in God’s word that He has good plans for me, plans to give me a futurea hope. And that all things are working together for my good right now, because I believe inlove God,I’m called according to His purpose. I choose to meditate on these things instead of worrying.

2. I choose God as my security to replace name1, name2, name3, name4, place1, place2all other things I have ever put my security in (identity concealed for security reasons). I chose to put my trust in God because He is the only eternal one in my life,because His word says so,because I have experienced His goodness as well as the consequences of disobedience. I choose HIM.

3. Currently, I should be where I am. My part to do is to shineexcel where I’m at all round. God hasn’t told me to go anywhere else in particular, or to do anything else. He’s provided a lot for me to do right here where I’m at,I choose to be grateful about it.

4. What am I hearing currently? Learn as much as I can where I’m at – ministry-wise, skills-wise, home making (e.g. patience, dependence of God, how to be a good wife, etc), schoolrelationships (e.g. put my security in God, walk in the light, etc.)

5. Do my best in house management, my studies, my work, my church responsibilitiesespecially in being a wife.

6. How to walk in righteousness

a. Be excellent in all I do

b. Read, meditateinternalize God’s word

c. Prayfast

d. Mind about God’s businesswork instead of chasing after blessings,leave Him to comebless me

e. Seek to bless others

What are the practical steps that YOU can take? You’re welcome to share them with me.

Enjoy a fabulous, God-encouraged weekend.