Email Forwards…

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Email Forwards…

October 11, 2009 Uncategorized 1

Forwarded messages. Forwarded emails. Spam. A nuisance. No one wants their time wasted. “Oh I don’t like to read forwards, they waste my time, they’re not personal,” yaddar yaddar yaddar.
I like to read them sometimes. Sometimes they contain very emotional, tragic, sadtouching stories of things that happened to someone somewhere in the world. Sometimes they contain a message of blessingurge us to pass it on to our friends, to those we love.
Thinking about it now, it could have originated as a personal email from one friend or relative, to another. The “another” thought to pass t on to her round of friends,so on. Until it got to you. You are someone’s friend. And the trail goes back.
Some say that these “waste my time.” Do you think of yourself as a time waster to the one who sent it to you? What if they thought of you that way? And what if you had a problemsomewhere in your circle of friends someone refused to pass on your cry of help? Are your friends worth your time, your money, according to you? Mine are. I just thought to share my thinking.

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  1. Bobby says:

    I also like to read thempass them along to those who matter in my life (those who’ll value them also.)
    i also thnk tht jus bcoz they’re forwarded daint mean that they aren’t sent from the heart…
    Gud stuff you hav here! I like! (-: (-:

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