Amanda’s Story

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Amanda’s Story

October 6, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Dear Readers,

Here’s a letter I received from one of the girls who read my book. She wrote to me, shared her life story with me,requested that upon publication, I would change her name. She’s a high school girl in one of the high schools in our country.

I hope you will be encouraged as you read this letter. You  are welcome to share your thoughtsfeelings with us right here, or you can email us on

May God continue to bless you as you read through this site.



Hi Gladys, hope you’re doing great. For me I’m finecool. It was really wonderfulinspiring to read about your experiences. I guess we almost are under the same thing but mine’s kinda more complex than yours. I thought I should share my story with you about myself.
I am the first born in a family of three. I’ve got one brothersister. We have both of our parents but our dad doesn’t seem to care much about us. He is not always there when we need him most, at least you had a financially stable mum. Our mum is not very well,she struggles very hard to take care of us. She is the one who does everything, paying our school fees, getting us clothesfood;showing us appreciation.
Sometimes I really feel like I hate my dad so much. I feel that he is so mean, he has a familyyet he pretends we don’t exist, he comes home rarely sometimes drunk, causes a fuss just about everything,we end up sleeping outside. It’s like he doesn’t like me or my brother, he even once said we are not his, he likes my sister a lot. Even when we were young he used to place my brother on the floor which was very cold, play with him roughlyend up hurting him. My brother doesn’t like him ‘cause he keeps on picking on him.
Some time back ‘cause my dad didn’t give me the fatherly love I joined bad groupsreally got hurt. I realized I was seeking for love in the wrong place. I’m now back to my senses, working hard in school, though it’s not that simple working things out. I’ve told you all I can bear telling someone but most of all, I want to encourage people out there who feel neglected, please tell them that God loves them so so much but they’ve not realized it.
I’m savedI love Christ ‘cause He’s the only one who can stand for you when everyone’s turned their back on you. I’ve suffered more than rejection because of my behavior but I’m trying hard to correct that; only that it’s gonna take more time to build my reputation than the time it took to destroy it. God has been faithfulI thank Him for that, He was patient with mehas taught me to be patient in my life, He is my guidelineI know if it were not for Him I would have…. I don’t even know the words to use. All I can say is that God is the only true friend we havewe should strive to do the right thing alwaysbe close to Him, tell Him all our troubles or worries, even if we think some are stupid. He’ll always be there to listen to you, trust me, He never gets tired. Publishing books is one of my life achievementsglad you achieved yours. I could go on writing so please let me put a halt.
I would also like to join your ministrywork with you. Am in form threeI believe I can still be of great help because I love this work, I love helping poorvulnerable people. I also love listening to their life storiesencouraging them. I know I can achieve this more if you give me a chance.
I would like for someone to read my storyturn over a new leaf, know that life is what you make it to be.

In my response to her, this is part of what I wrote to her. You are welcome to write your responses to her too,I will give them to her. Thanks for reading.

I’m very proud of you for the changes that you have made in your life. You speak very well, very knowledgably about finding yourself in God. Please pass this on to others, God teaches us these things for a purpose, so we can help others too. II Timothy 2:2.
You asked what you could do….I would suggest that you tell other girls that they arecan be Amazing Girls, it’s just that they don’t know it yet….and they may not have asked the help of Christ the way we have. Encourage them to lean on God – both youI know that that is the best refuge,that everything else can disappoint so bad. If you are able to,if it’s okay with your teachers/CU leaders, you can start an Amazing Girl Club, in which you continue to pass on this encouragement to other girls who need it too.



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