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September 27, 2009 Uncategorized 1

Early in the morning at campus, we heat water electric coils, generally called “water heaters.” You dip one end into the bucket, plug the other end into the power socket,your water gets warm.
I have a friend who stretches it so much, it looks perfect, the ninety degree angle is made as the coil enters the water bucket. Looks really neat. But after a little of that, the coil always stops working.
Why? Because the inner connection has been lost, the wires are brokenno longer together because of too much stresstension. Looks good on the outside, but blows up on the inside after a short while.
I’d rather have it wavy as it gets into the bucket, loosefree, ant not so “neat,” but working continually. I think God prefers an inner state of wholeness for His purpose as well, as opposed to an outward show…. A broke vessel doesn’t even work anyway.
Good day, my friend.

am i connected...are you connected?

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  1. Josi says:

    God bless ya! amazing conceptsthe message gets home 🙂

    Thanks Josi!
    Have a great one!

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