I want to win

Why must some people always win in arguments (they created?) Just don’t ask me for my opinion if you’ve already got a set and made up mind. Why do you ask me? In order to prove to yourself that you are right, I think, especially if you’ve got to let “physical” about an “intellectual” situation. I get so angry.
If my name is Jane, then my name is Jane, and I don’t have to keep telling you that my name is Jane. Same case if I’m thirsty, I want water, and I’ll go for water. If I however I need to keep asking whether it’s okay for me to eat my tithe this month, because, see, I really need that new TV ‘coz the World Cup is coming up…. I just wonder whether you really need an answer from me.
What I’m I saying? I’m saying that the real deal does not need such fierce defense, it’s when we’re working against our conscience that we want to shoot everyone and everything else down. Not so?