These pancakes that I love so much have just done me in with the many little things they tend to teach me. For instance, if I put on the pan just a little amount of the mixture, the resulting pancake not only cooks faster, but also more completely is lighter, easy to roll and chew, looks better….and generally lasts longer and tougher before serving time. If I put in a whole lot, it’s mushy, not so ready in the middle, tends to ‘sweat’ a lot before serving time, doesn’t taste so good and is cumbersome to chew. It’s also rather messy when turning it over.
If we have too much to do, at the same time, we’re likely to produce only average results at best. But if we did a little at a time, we’d surely be able to o more in the same amount of general time, and of higher quality. I’d rather make light pancakes at a time, for the experience and for the results. I don’t know about you.