Germination before debut

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Germination before debut

August 6, 2009 Uncategorized 1

Seeds. Small things, huh? But what great fruits they yield, big great trees, huge canopies, large plantations, name it and it’s there. Their growth process is however rather interesting. The seed is put into the ground, covered with soil, and then we wait for its germination. In the meantime, the seed enjoys the warmth, humidity and nutrients of the underground soil. The seed is sheltered from the harsh conditions in which others live, and when it does come up, it is a strong, confident plant that can stand the weathers of life.
Same with us people, I think. When God is doing preparation in us for a great work, He hides us underground and nurtures us, away from the otherwise harsh conditions of “sunlight” (stardom), rainfall (celebrity status),etc. He provides us with the necessary nutrients, training and conditions that we need, that are necessary for our growth and strengthening before our debut into the world. Isn’t He a great God?

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  1. Rupert says:

    I agree, there’s always a process involved in becoming anything that God wants us to be in life. Many times we really can’t tell what God is up to. But when we become patient and obedient, we are soon able to look back and see that God is very purpose and well meaning. He doesn’t always take time to explain everything He allows in our lives. But we can trust His intentions. He who began the good work in us is faithful to carry it on to completion.

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