Becoming an Amazing Girl Book

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Becoming an Amazing Girl Book

July 10, 2009 Becoming an Amazing Girl Book Insights from Everyday Life 0


The two most common traits that pull girls down are low self esteem and lack of self appreciation. These two issues, along with others will be brought out in this book. Girls will be able to, after reading this book, discover their true self worth, the wealth of potential that they have, realize how amazing they are, and be able to exert themselves in the world knowing that they do have a lot to offer.

The book has been forwarded by Bishop Dr. Henry Z. Mulandi, the ACMI Founder and International Director.

The small sized pink covered book is written for high-school teenage girls, helping them deal with self esteem and acceptance issues. It’s small size makes it easily portable, the graphics within the book make for an interesting read, and the reflective questions help each girl discover and develop in her own potential, uniqueness and style, and grow in it in her own special way to become an amazing girl.